Senior Director of Programs, Korean American Family Service Center

Ms. Mi Jung You is an example of dedication and commitment, not only for our COVID-19 survivors but also for KAFSC’s essential frontline staff and the management team. As a critical service provider, KAFSC did not close its doors to the public. When KAFSC staggered employee work schedules to meet mandated safety guidelines, and everyone shifted to a blended work from home schedule, Ms. You has continued to staff the office every Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and even most weekends. Her in-depth understanding of challenges faced by our immigrant survivors and their children inspires her team to go above and beyond to provide support and resources, including for a myriad of services that have not customarily been their target area. In addition to crisis intervention and counseling services, Ms. You and her team have provided COVID-19 related services to the community for small business loans, emergency fund applications, public benefits, health insurance enrollment, and more through both in-person and virtual appointments. Ms. You is an inspiration to COVID-19 survivors, KAFSC staff, and the larger Flushing, New York community.